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Investing in
Global Space Companies

Enabling Innovation for the Space Economy

Infinio Capital is an early stage venture capital firm investing in founding teams with a goal of creating disruptive businesses at the intersection of deep tech, information technology, and space. With offices in Los Angeles, USA and Taipei, Taiwan, Infinio has developed an alliance of space industry leaders, technical and engineering experts, and government agencies. By embedding our founding teams within the Infinio Global Space Network, we are able to help portfolio companies connect with both commercial industry partners and technology partners at an early stage, thereby minimizing the time required to achieve technical and market validation. 

We work with founders who intimately understand the industry bottlenecks, the technical innovations to offer a 10x improvement, and the unwavering drive to adapt their technology to create substantial commercial value-add in the marketplace.

With a global team of investment, industry, and operating professionals, we help our portfolio companies be at the forefront of driving the future growth of a $1 trillion global space economy.